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Lagardère Travel Retail UK invests in employee wellbeing with universal healthcare plan

8th April 2021 by Charlotte Walker

Global travel retailer, Lagardère Travel Retail UK, has invested in the wellbeing of its workforce by appointing Benenden Health to provide business healthcare to all of its UK employees.

Acknowledging a particularly challenging time for the travel sector and those working within it, Lagardère Travel Retail UK approached Benenden Health to bolster its healthcare provision as part of an overall reward package to more than 200 employees, having been attracted by the range of services offered by the not-for-profit healthcare provider.

Lagardère Travel Retail UK’s commitment to supporting and investing in its people both during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond sees all of its employees now receive access to 24/7 GP and Mental Health helplines, mental health counselling, physiotherapy and access to private diagnosis and treatment.

The move will enable employees to look after their physical health and access medical treatment quickly, whilst also providing mental wellbeing support as they navigate the various challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

One of the four divisions of the Lagardère group, Lagardère Travel Retail UK is a pioneering global leader in the travel retail industry, operating more than 4,600 stores across Travel Essentials, Duty Free & Fashion and Foodservice in airports, railway stations and other concessions in 35 countries.

Michele Hunter, HR Manager at Lagardère Travel Retail UK, said: ‘It is well documented that the travel industry has been significantly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, but we wanted to ensure that we were continuing to be the best employer we can be and invest in our employees, even during a challenging time for the business.

“Rolling out our partnership with Benenden Health to all employees has been a fantastic addition to our benefits package and provides our entire workforce with the support they need both now and in the future. The initial reaction from employees has proven to be very positive and feedback has shown that they feel extremely valued by the company, which they truly are.”

Melissa Hunter, Business Development Manager at Benenden Health, added: “The partnership between Benenden Health and Lagardère Travel Retail UK has been developed to support employees’ tailored health and wellbeing requirements, which in turn can lead to a positive impact on morale, staff retention and productivity.

“We are firm believers that a happy and healthy workforce is a productive and loyal workforce and at a time when looking after our physical and mental wellbeing has never been more important, we are delighted to welcome Lagardère Travel Retail UK and all of its employees on board and look forward to working with them.”

Founded in 1905, the mutual society Benenden Health’s focus is to enable every business in the UK the ability to offer affordable, high quality, private healthcare to every single one of their employees, helping them feel happy, healthy and valued.

To find out more about Benenden Health and how it can support your business’ wellbeing strategy, visit