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New product from Benenden completes three stage approach to employee wellbeing

7th July 2017

Long-standing healthcare provider Benenden is adding to its product portfolio a new cash plan product tailored towards the employee benefits market. The product completes the organisation’s three stage approach to helping employers tackle absenteeism, increase productivity, and improve health and wellbeing in the workplace.

At the first stage, supporting the idea of proactive action before health issues occur, the non-profit business already offers ‘Health Assessments for Business’ – a product designed to help employees understand their current health and identify health risks before they become serious.

For when health issues do occur but patients face a long wait on the NHS, Benenden’s ‘Healthcare for Business’ product provides employees with access to private consultations and treatment. Offered on a discretionary basis, all requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis to ensure those members that need it most are supported. The healthcare also provides immediate access to 24/7 GP and psychological wellbeing helplines as well as online GP e-consultations, which means you can talk with a GP without needing to take time off work.

Completing the approach, and supporting the health of employees after issues occur, Benenden’s new ‘Cash Plan for Business’ product can make staff feel valued by rewarding them with money back on everyday health costs, including dental, optical, physiotherapy and prescriptions, as well as cash payments to help with the unexpected - such as hospital stays or injuries sustained in an accident.

Helen Smith, Commercial Director at Benenden, said: “We believe in providing simple solutions that employers can consider offering as part of a holistic healthcare package for their employees. Our three stage approach offers a solution before health issues occur, when they occur and after they occur.

“Our convenient, on-site health assessments provide employees with personalised health reports and action plans with minimal disruption to the working day. Meanwhile, our healthcare product offers discretionary healthcare at a fraction of the cost of comprehensive private medical insurance.

“Finally, our new cash plan provides employees with an additional benefit option that helps to make their employee’s salaries go further with money back on routine healthcare costs.

“At Benenden, we know every business is different. Our service range is designed to be suitable for any employer that wants to introduce an employee health benefit, take action to help reduce absenteeism and get staff back to work quicker, no matter what their business size or budget.”

Benenden strongly believes in the important role that employers can play in helping their employees maintain their health and wellbeing. It is committed to using its long-standing experience in provision of employee wellbeing benefits to assist employers in tackling absenteeism.

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