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Benenden Health launches national outdoor ad campaign to reach the people of Britain with affordable private healthcare

10th February 2024, by Megan Anderson.

National provider launches its first out-of-home advertising campaign, sharing messages of affordability and inclusivity for its private healthcare.

Not-for-profit, affordable healthcare provider Benenden Health has launched its first national out-of-home advertising campaign, with billboards displayed across London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds and York, announcing its low-cost private healthcare, for all.

The advertising suite is a continuation of the ‘Britain, We’ve Got You’ campaign that uses the successful proposition, ‘Healthcare Done Different’. This OOH campaign is part of the wider marketing mix of TV and radio to reach the people of Britain with an affordable private healthcare option.

The low-cost healthcare provider’s new ad campaign, made in partnership with lead creative agency McCann Leeds, aims to tackle the myth that private healthcare is expensive and not accessible. With monthly membership cost currently at £12.80 per person, per month, it makes its services one of the most affordable on the market. Everyone is welcome to join, as Benenden Health doesn’t discriminate based on pre-existing medical conditions or age, making it private healthcare for the many.

Natalie Walker, Chief Marketing Officer at Benenden Health comments, “I have always been excited and driven by the idea that Benenden Health would be seen in most major cities across Britain, and after years of successful marketing activity and increased brand awareness it was time to test this huge awareness-raising channel.

“Our brand promise of ‘Healthcare Done Different’ remains at the heart of our ads, showing a simple healthcare service with no exclusions, affordable price, and with creative and faces that commuters will resonate with.

“Whether you’re in the car on the way to the office, or out on a weekend shop with friends, when it comes to your health - Britain, we’ve got you.”

Olly Sowden, Managing Director at McCann Leeds adds, “It’s incredible to see the Benenden Health brand out on the real world, on the streets of Britain. Outdoor advertising aligns so much with this campaign – getting out into the communities of Britain to tell them ‘we’ve got you’. I’ve seen the outdoor campaign a number of times, and the vibrancy and boldness of the campaign has stopped me in my tracks. I hope that’s the same for everyone!”

The advertisements follow the success of Benenden Health’s integrated partnership campaign with Channel4, ‘Time for a Check-In’ alongside ‘business as usual’ (BAU) above-the-line activity, Benenden Health has seen their overall brand awareness increase by 117% at the campaign’s peak.

More information about Benenden Health’s affordable private healthcare.