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Our progress in tackling the Gender Pay Gap

5th September 2018

Benenden Health’s 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report demonstrates that the current gap is 20.28% mean and 26.4% median. This contrasts favourably with a reported gap of 35.1% mean and 35.6% median reported in the Financial and Insurance sector overall. This is also a marked improvement from the reported gap as at April 18. This highlights the ongoing work and achievement within the Society.

The mean gender pay gap is based on average hourly pay. This calculation, however, is irrespective of different roles and levels of seniority. It is pleasing to note that there are equal numbers of men and women in the leadership team. The challenge in addressing the gender pay gap is that – whilst there are equal numbers of men and women in the leadership team – there is a much higher proportion of women than men within junior roles. This situation is similar to most other operational and customer service focused businesses that run contact centre and shift working.

The report also illustrated that there is a gender gap in bonuses (7.87% mean and 22.32% median). At Benenden Health, bonuses are proportional to hours worked; employees on part-time contracts earn smaller bonuses proportional to full-time counterparts. 98% of part-time workers within Benenden Health are women, which has created this seeming disparity.

Following this report, we have renewed our commitment to ensuring that men and women are represented equally at all levels of the business. Some key steps forward are:

  • Greater transparency surrounding pay
  • Being open to hiring diversely in all areas and levels of the business
  • Recognising the value of diverse viewpoints in the workplace
  • Supporting internal mentoring and progression

Bob Andrews, Chief Executive at Benenden Health, said:

“For us this is not just about equal pay, but the commitment to provide an inclusive, positive and accessible environment for all.”

There are certain aspects of gender pay that will continue to see a degree of difference, such as the bonus gap, because of the necessity to provide flexibility through part time working. This is a benefit to our staff but does impact the pay gap.

The report helps Benenden Health to create a fair, inclusive and equal future for our employees.

Find out more about Benenden Health’s commitment to equal pay for equal work.