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Our Branches

We have over 40 branches across the UK, and every Benenden Health member belongs to one of those branches.

What are branches?

  • Our Branches are made up of groups of members from across the UK.

  • Each branch is run by a group of volunteer members called a Branch Committee. 

  • The Branch Committee are responsible for arranging member meetings, which you're invited to attend and share your opinion with us.

It’s always been important for us to know what our members think about our products and services. We’re proud to be a mutual organisation and would love to hear any ideas you have that could benefit the Benenden Health community.

As well as meeting other members of your branch, and the volunteers who run your Branch Committee, attending member meetings also gives you the opportunity to have your say and influence the future of the Society.

Annual General Meeting

Have you got an idea that you’d like to be considered for our Annual Conference? The Annual General Meeting is your opportunity to put your thoughts forward.

  • Get together with other branch members to propose ideas to be considered for our Annual Conference.

  • Put yourself forward as a Conference Delegate or a Branch Committee Member.

Mandating Meeting

Would you like to influence which ideas should be supported at our Annual Conference? The Mandating Meeting is where these important decisions are made.

  • Ideas that have received support at Branch AGMs, along with those from the Society’s Board of Directors, are discussed by members.

  • Influence our Conference Delegates on which ideas should be supported at our Annual Conference.

Your branch may choose to hold meetings in addition to the above which you’ll also be invited to attend.

In June, around 240 Conference Delegates will meet in Leeds to debate and vote on all the ideas that have come from our Branch AGMs and the Board. By attending your member meetings, you can influence this important decision-making event.

Register your interest by logging in to the My Branch area of My Benenden. You may need to register your account if this is the first time you’ve logged in.

If you have any questions about how you can have your say on the future of the Society, you can email