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Benenden Health annual conference

Annual Conference

Our Annual Conference is a big date in our calendars, where our members can come together, if they choose, to hear speakers and vote on the future of our Society.

What is Conference?

We hold our Conference in June each year to discuss and vote on business such as:

  • Our Annual Report,

  • Appointment of Auditors,

  • Changes to our Rulebook, 

  • Ideas for a change or new services which may been proposed by members or the Board,

  • Elections for positions to our Board of Directors and Standing Orders Committee.


Who can attend Conference?

Each branch is entitled to elect a certain number of members to be delegates at Conference and they are responsible for voting on behalf of the members of their branch.

These branch delegates are elected annually at the member meeting known as the Branch’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is usually the first meeting of the year.

You can register your interest in representing your branch at Conference by going along to your Branch AGM and nominating yourself as a delegate.