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Welcome to the benenden group

The benenden group is made up of a number of organisations of different types all sharing the same ethos.

benenden health

benenden health offers a range of discretionary healthcare and well-being services to individuals and business healthcare membersOver the last 100 years, benenden health has evolved. Whilst the healthcare services will adapt, the ethos will never change.

benenden health’s operations are guided by a set of five simple values:

Acting with integrity
We always strive to be straightforward and open, taking time to explain our business, our objectives, our plans and our day to day activities.

Respecting others
We value our people’s diversity, acknowledging that people differ, we allow everybody to contribute in positive but contrasting ways; always seeking others’ views and active involvement.

Providing professional service excellence
We delivery high standards of service and professional care at affordable cost, valuing our people’s commitment to delivering right first time; we always seek to use our resources wisely.

Responding flexibly and positively to change
We value our people’s energy and commitment to shape and adopt to all our futures; we remain demanding, positive and balanced in our approach to our business and its challenges.

A fair employer and supportive of staff
We value our people’s contribution and treat each other equally, enabling us to do our jobs by developing our skills and providing the tools to do the job well.

benenden health operates according to a rule book, which contains the Benenden Healthcare Society Limited’s memorandum and rules. You can now view our Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ending 31st December 2012.

benenden hospital trust

benenden hospital (opens in a new window) is an independent hospital with charitable status and is a subsidiary of the Benenden Healthcare Society. The hospital accepts benenden health members, private patients and NHS patients. Find out more about self pay treatments from the benenden hospital trust 

benenden charitable trust

If members and non-members of benenden health find themselves in financial difficulty due to a medical condition they can apply for help from benenden charitable trust, a registered charity, which is entirely funded by donations.

benenden insurance

benenden insurance offers health cash plans and life assurance products. Products are provided by Engage Mutual Assurance.

benenden health cash plans

For healthcare services not available through benenden health, benenden insurance offers two health cash plans. Provided by Engage Mutual Assurance, our mutual insurance partner.  There are two plans for those aged 17 to 65 years old or aged 66 years and over.

over 50s life cover plus

Offers customers aged 50 years and over a comprehensive life assurance product that pays out a lump sum to their relatives on death. This life cover policy is provided by Engage Mutual Assurance.

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