Get on your feet!

Prolonged sitting is said to increase the risk of a number of serious health issues such as heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, thrombosis and muscular issues.

According to the British Heart Foundation, doing regular physical activity can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke by as much as 35%.

While going for a run, swimming, cycling other exercise are fantastic ways to get your heart going, you’ll also benefit from making simple changes to your daily life to ensure you don’t sit for too long at a time.

Here are nine great ways to make sure you get on your feet:

1. Stand up!

At work, stand up and take a break from your computer every 30 minutes. A quick stroll around the office or to get yourself a glass of water will get your muscles working. Set yourself a reminder if it helps!

2. Use the stairs

Use the stairs where possible at work or when out and about, rather than an escalator or lift. If you work on a high floor, you’ll have a quick workout before you start the day – do this every day and at lunch and you’ll soon feel the benefit.

3. Take a walk outside

A brisk walk outside before or after lunch will help you switch focus, get your circulation going – plus you’ll top up your vitamin D.

4. Request a standing desk

You could ask your boss for a standing desk or at least opt for standing or walking meetings at work. When meeting friends, suggest going for a long walk on the way to the pub.

5. Hide the remote

At home, hide the TV remote or take out its batteries so you have to get up to switch channels.

6. Try ankle weights

If the above is a step too far, invest in some ankle weights and light dumb bells and use your TV time to get up and do some weighted stretches.

7. Walk and talk

Stand up and walk around while making phone calls.

8. Opt to do the housework

Keep your home tidy and clean. If you’re not one for housework, try to change this habit, as getting up to tidy away, vacuum or load the dishwasher – or even do a batch of ironing in front of the TV – will all help you keep active.

9. Get a pet!

Get a dog. OK this may seem a bit drastic, but there’s evidence that owning a canine friend can help with your health and will certainly boost your activity levels.


For some further ideas of how to increase your mobility, see 10 mins to greater mobility.