How well do you know your health?

Take our quick quiz to discover your attitude to your health and wellbeing.


  1.  Do you know your cholesterol levels?
    a) Yes, I'm conscious of keeping my cholesterol levels within a healthy range and have regular blood tests to check this.
    b) I had the test done a few years ago but can’t remember my levels. I think I’m ok.
    c) I’m not sure but it is something I need to find out.

  2. How many units of alcohol do you drink each week?
    a) Never more than 14 units a week – and I always leave two or three days alcohol-free each week.
    b) I don’t keep count but I try to stay within sensible limits.
    c) I do like a drink, but don’t know what the unit limit is per week.

  3. What’s your BMI? (You can calculate yours here.)
    a) Between 18.5 and 24.9 – and I already knew that.
    b) It’s over 25 or below 18.5.
    c) I don’t know, but would be interested to find out.

  4. How fit are you?
    a) I usually exercise 3 - 5 times a week.
    b) I’m think I’m fairly active but I don’t obsess about it.
    c) Not at all but I keep meaning to start.

  1. What’s your blood pressure?
    a) I had my blood pressure checked recently - it's within a healthy range.
    b) I think I’m ok, although the GP said I should try to reduce it a bit.
    c) No idea, but I know I should start monitoring it.

  2. How often do you eat five or more portions of fruit or vegetables a day?
    a) Every single day. I also make a conscious effort to include a range of fruit and veg in my diet.
    b) When I remember – I’m pretty good about it.
    c) I don’t really think about my diet.

  3. How would you describe your energy levels?
    a) I am full of beans and ready for action.
    b) I often wake up tired but am generally ok when I get going.
    c) Exhausted. I need lots of coffee and naps. 

  1. Are you often stressed or depressed?
    a) Not really, but when I am I find ways to deal with it.
    b) Yes, and I am aware of the issues and try to deal with such feelings.
    c) Usually one or the other. Isn’t everyone?

  2. Do you check your body regularly for new lumps and bumps?
    a) Yes, I do monthly checks of my breasts/testicles (as appropriate).
    b) I try to remember to do this but often forget.
    c) I don’t know what I would check for.

  3. What’s your attitude to smoking? 
    a) I have never smoked (or gave up more than 15 years ago).
    b) I only smoke now and then.
    c) It helps me get through the day, but would consider an alternative.

Mostly ‘a’

You have a good awareness of your health and are taking the right steps to ensure you remain healthy. For a deeper look at how well your body is working you might want to consider a Benenden Health Assessment which, as a member, you are entitled to at a discounted rate.


Mostly ‘b’

You have a fair awareness of what a healthy lifestyle looks like but aren’t always following one. Now’s the time to get some advice on the changes you could make to ensure that you help yourself to remain as healthy as possible in years to come. Consider a Benenden Health Assessment, which can detect many health issues for early treatment. The popular ‘Advanced’ assessment includes bowel cancer screening, blood tests to check organ function and other investigations not available in a standard NHS check-up. 


Mostly ‘c’ 

You seem to be lacking some awareness but no need to panic. Having a proactive attitude can reap rewards, and prevention is always better than cure. For a fresh start, consider seeing your GP for advice or book a Benenden Health Assessment, which will include advice on a healthy lifestyle as well as tests to help identify some of the warning signs.