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Operation Healthier You

How much do you really know about your body and keeping it in good working order? Here are some great resources to help you care for the parts of you that need it most.

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The heart is perhaps the most fundamental organ in the body, but it is also prone to disease. That’s why it’s vital you stay healthy and do all you can to keep your ticker in good working order. Read more about how to look after your heart


Dementia demystified: We’ve all heard of dementia, but not everyone understands what causes it, what we can do to treat it, and if there’s any way of avoiding it. Discover more about Dementia


Although there are 6,500 people in the UK awaiting an organ transplant, only Wales currently has an opt-out law. In England, N.Ireland and Scotland tissues and organs can only be used if you have given consent. Would you be willing to join the NHS organ donor register? Find out more about organ donation


With around one in 10 adults and 20% of children in Britain suffering from eczema, isn’t it time you started caring for your largest organ? Read about how one man has coped with lifelong eczema


Did you know that you can actively help keep your eyes in good condition, and that eating certain foods helps protect your sight? So, go on then, pamper your peepers. Read more on how to look after your eyes


There is a lot of confusion around symptoms associated with the stomach and the digestive system. This is understandable, as any one symptom can have a number of associated causes. We explore IBD, IBS, coeliac disease and stomach cancer in more detail.


Did you know that more than eight and a half million people in the UK have sought treatment for osteoarthritis? Thankfully, there are ways to help control the symptoms of this common condition, including regular, gentle exercise. Find out more about arthritis and how to manage the condition


Everything from the kidneys to the bladder, and the urethra to the male reproductive organs are in urology’s domain. So, if it’s a problem ‘down below’ it’s likely to be urological. Don't be shy: get familiar with these urological problems


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