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Piloxing is a group exercise class that blends Pilates, boxing and dance

Piloxing for beginning and the benefits

A former player with Arsenal Ladies FC, fitness instructor Amy Lamont tells us about Piloxing and why she loves to keep in shape.

What is Piloxing?

Piloxing is a group exercise class that blends Pilates, boxing and dance. It’s a high-energy interval workout that involves heart-pumping, powerful boxing combinations and sculpting and lengthening Pilates-influenced movements. In classes you wear weighted gloves to add extra resistance.

What is the appeal?

It’s a highly motivating workout with fast-paced music and fun moves. The fusion of boxing, Pilates and dance means that you are never stuck doing any exercise for long as the class keeps flowing. All moves can be tailored to accommodate people of different fitness levels, so everyone gets a great workout. As the instructor, I change the choreography and music regularly, helping to keep the class fresh. As with most forms of exercise, the endorphin rush following a class is huge. Many of my participants have been coming to Piloxing for years and find that it still continues to improve their fitness and stamina.

Why is it good for you?

The benefits of Pilates include longer, leaner muscles, improved flexibility and strength, better control, coordination, and endurance throughout the entire body. The benefits of boxing are chiselled arms, a defined back and a fabulous sense of letting off steam and releasing tension. And who doesn’t love the emotional high that comes from moving to the rhythm with others while torching calories?

How did you get into Piloxing?

I first took part in a class in 2013 while working as a personal trainer at a studio in south-east London. The studio asked me to do the instructor training and by early 2014 I was teaching classes of my own. I started teaching in community venues and work today as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. Classes have continued to be very popular and a regular part of my weekly class schedule. 

Do you need any special equipment or skills?

No, anyone can take up Piloxing* – you just need exercise clothing (gloves are provided by the instructor). A class can accommodate people of differing fitness levels, from beginners to experienced athletes, and everyone will get a good, sweaty workout. Even if you feel out of shape, it’s a great way to introduce exercise into your life.

How did you become a fitness instructor?

As a teenager my main sport was football, which I played and coached, including for Arsenal Ladies FC. After a teaching degree in physical education I worked in the media and voluntary sectors before having children. When my children were born, I developed a serious running habit and decided to retrain as a personal trainer around five years ago. The focus was initially on running but my career has evolved; although I still love to run, that focus is now much wider. I have worked with people who are new to exercise as well as experienced competitive athletes and many others in between. I still love to run, and have completed 11 marathons in different cities around the world.

What’s your own weekly fitness regime?

I teach several different classes including Piloxing, Kettlercise, Soccercise and circuits, all of which keeps me pretty active. In addition to this I like to run and try to get to at least two other group classes to push myself and to keep developing as a trainer. 

How do you think being fit helps you?

I believe exercise has a positive impact on both physical and mental health. I feel stronger and more confident when I exercise regularly, and know that I am ultimately improving the quality of my life by keeping fit. I also want to set a good example to my children and to others.

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*Although moderate physical activity is safe for most people, health experts suggest that you consult your doctor before starting an exercise program, especially if you have a history of heart disease, asthma, lung disease or diabetes.


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