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Three ways to get moving this winter

Chilly temperatures and wet weather can make it all too tempting to spend the winter months camped out on the couch in front of a Christmas film. However, there are still many things you can do to keep active while making the most of this time of year. Here are three activities you can try when it gets cold outside.

Dry Day 

Get outside for a run/fast walk

Take advantage of dry days by going for a run or speed walking through your local area.

Running releases endorphins, which can help reduce stress and improve your overall heart health – and it’s a great way to keep warm on colder days!
If you’re speed walking, walk at an increased pace to make you feel out of breath but still able to maintain a conversation. Remember to pump your arms as you walk to increase your fitness.

Although it may seem like a good idea to get wrapped up for your run, you should dress as though the temperature outside is slightly warmer than it is. Use layers of lightweight fabric with zips at the neck and vents at the underarm area to keep you cool.

Make sure you wear socks to keep your feet warm, and shoes that give you proper grip and support. Don’t forget to reward yourself with a hot cup of tea when you get home!

Snow Day 

Hit the slopes

What better thing to do when the snow falls than to wrap up warm and hit your local ski centre to tackle the slopes. Skiing is an exhilarating sport that helps to strengthen lower body muscles and improve flexibility.

If you’re a first-time skier, you may have visions of whizzing gracefully down snowy peaks – but you’d do well to readjust your expectations. Be prepared to fall – and fall a lot. Know that getting up is difficult, and you’ll probably look funny doing it, but remember that practice makes perfect and learning can be a big part of the fun!

Don’t feel like you have to rush out and buy the latest (and expensive) ski equipment. Most ski centres will have gear you can hire on site, so you can try the sport out first before making any big purchases. Remember to wear a helmet and take a pair of goggles along to protect your eyes.

Rainy Day 

Try an indoor sports class

If the weather outside is too miserable for any outdoor adventures, why not keep active with an indoor sport or online class, depending on public health guidance?

Whether it’s yoga, a dance class or spin fit, check out what your local gym has to offer and hide away from the rain while keeping fit inside.

If going to a gym isn’t an option, Benenden Health also offers members virtual fitness classes that focus on physical and mental health, as well as encouraging a healthy lifestyle. From pilates and strength and balance exercises to mindfulness classes, there’s something for everyone. For details, log on to