Home improvements to boost health and home value

There are many things to consider when pondering home improvements. They can be as straightforward as which extension will give you the biggest space to what will add the most value to your property. However, some improvements also have the potential to be good for your fitness and health. 

Here’s our selection of at-home health enhancers you might like to consider:

Warm and well

A cosy home isn’t just welcoming, it’s essential to your health. When the temperature outside drops below 8C, some people are at increased risk of heart attack, stroke, flu and pneumonia. Cold weather can also affect people with mental health conditions such as dementia and depression. Installing a heating system that allows you to keep your home at around 18C will help keep you well, while improved insulation and draught proofing will retain the warmth you’ve generated. 

Light relief

There’s more to light than sufficient brightness to see by. Harsh light can leave you with eye strain and headaches, while strip lights can be unpleasant. The bulbs you choose can make a huge difference to your comfort and health. LED bulbs don’t flicker in a way that causes a problem with other lights, and are increasingly able to mimic the wavelengths of natural daylight.

Exposure to natural light is essential to those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder. It’s important to ensure the lights you choose are good quality and give the benefits you hope for.

Fit-for-purpose flooring

Perhaps not a glamorous home improvement but for those with allergy problems and respiratory illnesses, replacing carpets with natural hard floors such as Linoleum or wood can bring about a huge health improvement.

Carpets are harder to clean than hard floors and harbour allergens such as mites and dust. Cork, bamboo, and recycled wood are other eco-friendly alternatives that are healthier choices than carpet.

Stay in for a spa bath

It’s a real treat to visit a spa and luxuriate in the jets of water and bubbles. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have that experience any time you like? You could go the whole hog and install a Jacuzzi but this is pricey and requires some upheaval. Cheaper and more straightforward ways of benefiting from hydrotherapy include devices that can be fitted to an ordinary bath to produce bubbles and jets of water. You can convert an ordinary bath into a whirlpool bath with a DIY kit that includes pumps and jets. Or you could invest in a massage mat to create bubbles in your bath. Outdoor hot tubs have also become popular.

Saunas – a hot choice

In Finland, a sauna is considered to be as important to everyday life as a kettle. While it can be a significant investment to install a sauna, the Fins are clearly on to something as it adds value to a home and brings various health benefits.

Properly installed, a sauna does not require too much maintenance. Health benefits are widely reported and include ridding the body of toxins, soothing tired muscles, reducing stress, improving circulation, increasing metabolic rate and relieving sinus congestion.

Work out at a gym or pool

While a house with a swimming pool might symbolise the height of luxury and be out of reach of most people, seeing it as an investment in your health as well as your real estate could mean it makes more sense.

Installing a home gym need not cost the earth, especially when you factor in the saving on membership fees of a health club. The convenience of being able to exercise at home might make you more likely to achieve your fitness goals.

Swimming pools require a bit more caution. While apparently desirable, they often appear on lists of home ‘improvements’ people regret, and they require costly ongoing maintenance.