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Sugar Buster - The High Sugar Takeaways to Avoid

Treating yourself to a takeaway doesn’t have to be seen as a sin… if you choose your takeaway wisely, that is. Unfortunately, takeaways can be packed with hidden sugars and fats that, unlike our supermarket purchases, are a lot harder to measure. According to research we conducted with The Food Foundation, the average family spends around £32 on eating out in restaurants and cafés, and £8 on takeaway food each week.

While we often can’t gauge the exact levels of sugar, we still have a fair idea of which recipes contain the most. Take a look at some of the unhealthiest takeaways so you can steer clear.

Indian: Chicken korma and Peshwari naan – 21.3g

Although Indian food generally contains more fat, there are several dishes that have more than their fair share of sugar. In fact, they take up two-thirds of your recommended daily sugar intake, meaning any sweet treats for dessert should be off the menu. If you want a healthier alternative, opt for chicken dhansak with plain rice. It’s full of flavour, has only 2g of sugar per 350g portion, and is full of vitamin B-rich lentils.

American: McDonald’s classic beef burger and strawberry milkshake – 67g

Seeing McDonald’s on the list will come as no surprise to most, but with 10grams of sugar in the classic burger alone (without fries) it’s worth remembering! If you’re looking for a similar alternative, why not opt for a Burger King hamburger and chips? The chips don’t contain any sugar and the hamburger weighs in at 4grams on the sugar scales – a much healthier number.

Chinese: Sweet and sour chicken – 80.978g

Of all the unhealthy takeaways, sweet and sour chicken is certainly amongst the worst in terms of sugar. With more than three and a half times your recommended daily intake (before you’ve even added the rice) it’s sure to have you bouncing off the walls before bedtime. Avoid the sugar by ordering crab and sweet corn soup, or steamed vegetables with plain boiled rice

Italian: Domino’s Pepperoni Passion (11.5”) – 22.4g

Making the most of a Domino’s ‘Two for Tuesday’ deal may seem like a good idea at the end of a tiring day at work, but with 2.8g of sugar per slice, your body might not thank you. Why not try a 12” Pepperoni Feast from Pizza Hut instead? Opt for the Italian base – it has a total of 7.2g of sugar per pizza, which is more than 60% less than its Domino’s equivalent.

Thai: Green Thai chicken curry – 92g

Most people think that Thai food is full of nothing but healthy ingredients like fresh vegetables, but choose the wrong dish and you could be eating over three times your daily sugar allowance in a single portion! If in doubt, steer clear of the coconut-based dishes, which are crammed with sugar. Look out for kai yang - order ‘marinated chicken’ instead, which has little to no sugar, without compromising on flavour. Although these are some of the worst offenders when it comes to sugary takeaways, the list is by no means exhaustive. As long as you don’t rely on takeaways too regularly, stick to sensible portion sizes and use your common sense when ordering, you can enjoy your treat guilt-free.


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