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Are you taking a multigenerational approach to employee wellbeing?

Promoting health and wellbeing at work not only improves productivity and company performance, but it helps employees to feel valued. Furthermore, over half of employees say if their employer didn’t care for their wellbeing, they’d consider leaving their job.

However, as the typical UK workforce demographics are changing, companies will often see five different generations working side by side, all with different health and wellbeing needs.

The most successful wellbeing strategies are those that understand and acknowledge these specific needs and preferences of each generation.

Find out how our business health and wellbeing services could support both your business and employees.

To help you develop an effective strategy for a multigenerational workforce, we worked with Jane Abraham, health and wellbeing specialist and Managing Director of Flourish Workplace Ltd, to create a useful guide, which includes information about all five generations’ characteristics, and some physical, financial and emotional initiatives to meet their specific needs.

guide on Managing the wellbeing needs of a multi-generational workforce
Our full guide
Discover how the needs of your workforce vary across generations, and find some appropriate initiatives.

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Five age diverse employees having a discussion
Managing the wellbeing needs of a multigenerational workforce
The five generations at work today all have specific wellbeing needs. Find out how to address them and create a multigenerational strategy that works for everyone.

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Group of young employees looking at work together
Attract and retain ‘Millennials’ and ‘Generation Z’ employees
Recruiting and retaining the best young talent is crucial for the future of businesses today. Find out what factors are most influential to younger generations, and how to attract them to your company.

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Elderly female employee conducting job interview
The wellbeing needs of Baby Boomers
Baby Boomers are an essential part of your workforce, it’s important to consider their wellbeing needs and address them appropriately.

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Our business healthcare

Benenden Healthcare for Business provides an affordable, high quality, private healthcare solution to support all your employees. With easy setup and no exclusions on pre-existing medical conditions, we want to help make healthcare a standard of employment for everyone, rather than just a perk for the few. See how we can help you develop a healthcare solution that works for your whole business.