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Support for your business during the Covid-19 pandemic

A toolkit for businesses on every aspect of Covid-19 in the workplace

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives - and work has been no exception. From furlough to working from home, mental health to 'Zoom fatigue', discover our library of resources to help you tackle your business' unique challenges.

Positive worker, laughing in the office
Building a positive workplace culture after the Covid-19 pandemic
What does the pandemic mean for businesses, employees and our health system? We explore the long-term impacts of the pandemic on workplace wellbeing and ways of working.

Positive culture >

Man sat in his van wearing a red hard hat. He's resting because he's tired from long covid.
How to manage the impact of Long Covid in the workplace
Instances of Long Covid are on the rise and causing some employees to suffer from long-term side effects that impact them at work. How can you manage its impact in the workplace?

Long Covid >

Man feeling stressed while working from home
How Covid-19 has impacted employee mental health
From furlough, to homeschooling to working from home, discover the most pressing mental health challenges and strategies you can use to support a range of sectors and job roles.

Mental health >

Employee opening up their shop
How to successfully reintroduce employees into the workplace
With restrictions set to ease, many will be returning to the workplace after months of homeworking. Learn how to successfully manage this transition, and keep employees safe.

Reopening >

Manager supporting her colleague over the phone in a shared home office
How to support the mental health of your managers
Your managers have gone above and beyond in the past year, but what about the impact on their mental health. Learn how you can meet their wellbeing needs in lockdown and beyond.

Managers' wellbeing >

Professor teaching a remote class
How to manage virtual fatigue while working from home
Video calls have helped us to keep in touch with colleagues while working from home. However, it does come with it's own health challenges. Learn how you can help your employees manage.

Virtual fatigue >

A friendly manager welcoming a colleague back into the workplace
Support employees who've been directly impacted by coronavirus
Most of the people who contract coronavirus will recover and require no workplace adjustments. However, some people will need additional support. Top tips from our Society Matron.

Employee Covid-19 >

Man on a phone call, working from home
How can you support remote workers, now and post-lockdown?
Covid-19 has forced businesses to embrace remote working much quicker than they otherwise would have. We explore the pros and cons of remote working and how businesses can support.

Remote workers >