Give the gift of healthcare to your employees this Christmas

Access to a healthcare provision might not seem like the shiniest of perks, but it has far reaching benefits across your entire workforce, making it something of a gift. We urge you to consider the gift of healthcare as a Christmas commitment to your team, which you can roll out easily ahead of the new year.

2020 will go down in history as the year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Amongst personal and business disruption, the pandemic has forced a reassessment of flexible working and has made us all question work-life balance. A greater candidness in discussing mental health and overall wellbeing means that so many more of us now seek employment benefits that go beyond “bells and whistles” embellishments such as free drinks and a pool table. If, as an employer, you make the significant gesture of offering healthcare to your employees, you will have that gesture repaid in spades.

Healthcare for business doesn’t have to be daunting, nor does it need to break your business’ finances, which we’ll return to later!

An investment that provides return immediately

Sick days are inevitable and costly to any business. In the UK, the average cost of a sick day to the employer was recently calculated at £107.85. Putting this into context, Benenden Health offers cover for your employees at one low cost of just £11.50 per employee per month. Whilst providing healthcare doesn’t automatically negate the occurrence of sick days, providing access to physiotherapy, rapid diagnosis and treatment helps to keep people healthy and in work; and for those who have been unwell, it facilitates a smoother return.

If your team members feel supported by a private healthcare provider, they will be more inclined to seek medical intervention sooner rather than later, keeping them in the best condition they can be in and firing on all cylinders when it comes to delivering for your business.

Happy employees = harder working team

Benenden Health for Business is as geared towards mental wellbeing as it is physical wellbeing, and timely access to emotional support and counselling services will help you keep a happy and healthy team.

If you can provide for your employees physically and emotionally through a holistic approach to business healthcare, you will lay the foundations for a more engaged and motivated workforce.

The heart of your recruitment and retention drive

For recruitment of new talent, offering a benefits package that includes a healthcare provision speaks volumes about you as an employer. In effect, it’s putting your money where your mouth is and saying “we care,” before you even talk to candidates about your positive working culture.

When it comes to staff loyalty and retention of your star players, the recipe for success is multi-faceted: flexibility, a good working culture and career progression are all key… and so, too, is healthcare. If you seek to nurture talent and keep people within your organisation, you will find that needs change as people enter their 30s and 40s, hitting milestones that see them start a family, take on more financial responsibility and, ultimately, crave further security from their employment. A recent survey by The Independent saw private healthcare ascend the ranks of the perks wishlist in those aged 35-44 years and 45-54 years. If you can provide a decent level of healthcare to your employees, you become enduringly attractive to team members who grow with you and share in your vision and values.

Currently, employers may feel that they are in a hiring manager’s market, with COVID-19 having created uncertainty around job security. However, remote working has proven itself to be effective in so many sectors, allowing companies to recruit candidates from much further afield, as part of forward-thinking people strategies that were previously far more localised.

In an expanded marketplace, you may not have the budget to compete with every large national or global company dipping their toe into unchartered candidate waters - but you can provide a commendable and affordable healthcare offering and tell would-be team members that you care about everyone on board.

Setting up is easy

At Benenden Health, we believe in healthcare for all, so our pricing is fair and our route to getting started is easy.

Everyone pays the same price, which is just £11.50 per employee per month. We don’t make things complicated: there are no medical questionnaires, nor do we penalise pre-existing medical conditions. We work with you to implement Benenden Health for Business quickly and effectively, telling your employees about their new benefits and how they can access our services.

We stay with you for the long haul

We see our relationship with you as a partnership and the support we provide is continuous. We will work with you to present our services to your team, making them comfortable with accessing healthcare as and when they need it.

We believe in transparency, so we report on uptake and usage over time, affording you visibility over which parts of our healthcare provision are most in-demand within your organisation. This is one way that we can use data positively; to influence decisions around cultural shift, keeping more of your team happy day-to-day.

Want to find out more?

Call us FREE on 0808 159 6435 for more advice on keeping your team healthy with high quality healthcare, this Christmas and New Year. It’s not too late to give the gift of healthcare this Christmas!