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Health Cash Plan for Business

Health Cash Plan for Business

Our health cash plan supports you in looking after your employees' health and wellbeing whilst helping to make their salaries go further.

Health Cash Plan for Business - support after it happens

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Reward your employees with money back on everyday healthcare costs and more

A healthy, happy workforce is the beating heart of any business. If you’re looking to offer your employees a healthcare benefit, or simply offer them a reward they will really value, you could choose an affordable business health cash plan.

Health Cash Plan for Business

Your employees regularly spend money on routine healthcare and our cash plan is a great way to reward them by providing money back towards the cost of those everyday medical expenses. Our corporate cash plan also comes with an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) as standard – this provides your employees with 24/7 access to counselling, medical and legal helplines.

Award winning service

Read what others have to say about our cash plan and how it could impact on your employees. 

Over 110 years’ experience

We have over 110 years’ experience of caring for employees' health, so they’ll be in safe hands with Benenden Health. And with five levels to choose from you should find a business health cash plan to suit your budget and needs. If your business has more than 50 employees we will also work closely with you to develop a bespoke package to help suit your unique requirements.


For your business
  • Low cost
  • Five levels to choose from - to suit your budget and needs
  • Easy to take out - no medicals and no age limits
  • Supports your duty of care
  • Helps improve employee wellbeing
  • Helps improve team motivation, productivity and morale
For your employees
  • Money back on everyday medical costs
  • Makes their salary go further
  • Helps them feel valued and rewarded
  • Easy to claim
  • Payments made promptly into their bank account
  • Employee Assistance Programme - 24/7 helplines accessible 365 days a year, providing employees with counselling, medical and legal advice when they need it

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Our cover levels

Our cash plan is available in five different levels of cover for you to choose from, all contributing towards the cost of:

  • Optical
  • Dental trauma
  • Chiropody
  • Prescriptions
  • Personal accidents

Plus other benefits are also available with each cash plan, including an Employee Assistance Programme.

Cash plan benefits and what's covered

Below you can see the areas that our cash plan covers. The amount that will be paid out per year is dependent on the level of cover that you choose. 

Optical (100% reimbursement)

Money back towards routine optical appointments like sight tests, spectacles, lenses, contact lenses or laser eye surgery.

For level 1 ONLY there is the option of either choosing an optical voucher or the cash benefit – please see the Policy Terms & Conditions for further details.

Dental (100% reimbursement)

Money back towards routine dental appointments like dental check-ups, hygienist’s fees, treatment and dentures.

Dental trauma (100% reimbursement)

Money back towards dental treatment that is a result of accidental injury.

Therapies (100% reimbursement)

Combined benefit including physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic treatment, homeopathy, reflexology and acupuncture carried out by a qualified practitioner that we recognise.

Chiropody (50% reimbursement)

Includes consultation, assessment and treatment carried out by a qualified practitioner that we recognise.

Hearing aids (50% reimbursement)

Money back towards purchasing a hearing aid from a registered hearing aid dispenser.

Hospital in-patient

Cash amount for each night (up to 30 nights per year) following an in-patient stay in hospital.
No hospital related claim will be paid during the first two years of this policy in respect of any health condition, or related health condition, which existed or was being investigated before cover commenced.

If an insured adult was age 75 or over at the start date of the policy then the above benefits are only payable at half the stated amounts.

Hospital day case

Cash amount for each day (up to six days per year) following admission to hospital as a day case patient.

If an insured adult was age 75 or over at the start date of the policy then the above benefits are only payable at half the stated amounts.

New child/adoption benefit

Single payment for each child that you or your partner give birth to or adopt.

Prescriptions (100% reimbursement)

Money back towards the cost of NHS prescriptions.

Personal accident

Pay-out as a result of an accidental bodily injury.

If an insured adult was age 75 or over at the start date of the policy then the above benefits are only payable at half the stated amounts.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

24/7, 365 days a year helpline, providing counselling, medical and legal advice.

How we could help your business

Our brochure includes full details of our cash plan levels, and what benefits your employees could receive.



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Easy to set up

As an employer, we know that you need a reliable healthcare benefit that is easy to implement and administer, so we’ve made setting up a health cash plan as simple as possible.

Once you’ve set up the plan, your employees can start enjoying the benefits immediately. Your dedicated account manager will be on hand to help you ensure your employees are getting the most out of their cash plan. 


Organising your cash plan is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Choose the level of cover you would like and contact us to discuss your options - if you have over 50 employees we are happy to discuss bespoke cover arrangements for your employees.
  • Decide how many employees you would like to cover (five employees minimum).
  • Confirm and your employees cover will start on 1st of the chosen month.

Using a cash plan couldn’t be easier for your employees

Step 1

Your employee attends their appointment, pays the bill and keeps the original receipt, which should include the name and address of the chosen practitioner.

Step 2

They complete and submit the claim form via post or online (remembering to attach the receipt), within 13 weeks from the date of treatment.

Step 3

Once the claim is approved, money is paid directly into their account usually within two working days.

In addition to claiming money back your employees can use the Employee Assistance Programme. This gives them access to a 24/7 helpline offering counselling, medical and legal advice.

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9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

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How it can work for you and your employees

We've created an example scenario to illustrate how our business health cash plan could benefit your employees.

ABC Limited

ABC Limited want to introduce a new initiative to show staff how much they are appreciated and to boost employee morale and retention levels. They decide that improving employee benefits is the answer and after doing some research they opt for our simple and affordable Level 2 (single) Health Cash Plan for Business, which costs only £102.36 per single employee per year.

Jo is an employee at ABC Limited and she’s delighted to have been rewarded with a Level 2 cash plan. After the first year here’s all the money Jo has saved, and all the ways ABC Limited have benefited:

Life eventTreatmentMoney back for employeeEmployer benefit
Dental check up Dentist – filling and check-up £59.10 (Based on NHS Dental Band costs April 2018) No days off as Jo’s cavity was sorted before it became a problem
Getting headaches Opticians – new glasses £100  As Jo regularly uses a computer, her eyesight is really important. ABC Limited also save on corporate eyecare voucher costs
Broke tooth playing hockey Dentist – capping a broken tooth

Hospital stay – 1 night
£200 (Based on NHS Dental Band costs April 2018)

The money back for dental trauma minimises Jo’s stress levels and has a positive impact on her work morale
Bad back Osteopath – 3 sessions £150 Extended time off avoided with the right treatment
  Jo claims a total of £529.10 Jo feels really valued and lucky to have an employer who cares for her wellbeing


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0800 414 8179


9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

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Frequently asked questions

We’ve collated some questions frequently asked by employers in the list below.

Do my employees need a medical to get a cash plan?

No, we don’t require a medical and we don’t have an upper age limit. We believe in great healthcare for everyone, so we don’t put unnecessary restrictions on your employees; they simply have to be UK residents whilst insured under this policy.

How do I know which level to choose?

It really depends on your budget. We do not offer advice but we do have five levels to choose from. Contact us to find out more about the different levels, and the varying amounts your employees would be eligible to claim annually.

Is there a qualifying period?

Our plan provides immediate cover and benefits for employees as soon as the policy starts, as stipulated on the policy schedule. The only exceptions are maternity payments where you must have been a policyholder for over ten months to make a claim, and hospital-in-patients benefits which will not be paid during the first two years in respect of any health condition or related health condition, which existed or was being investigated, before cover commenced.

Who is the cash plan administered by?

Our health cash plans are administered by BHSF, one of the market leading cash plan providers who already work with over 3,000 employers nationwide. To find out more about them visit:


Do I have to do the admin for my employee’s claims?

No - this can be done by your employee. Once you’ve set up your plan, we send a welcome pack to your employees so they know their level of cover and benefits, it also explains how they can make a claim. BHSF process the claims and pay the money back directly into your employee’s bank account, usually within a few days. The only thing you need do is let us know is if you want a new employee added or if an employee leaves the company.

Can one of your team visit me to help me put a business case together?

Yes absolutely. You will be allocated a dedicated account manager who can come to your place of work to give you a presentation, quote and help to develop a business case on how Benenden Health could help reduce absenteeism and save your business money – which you can use to present to your management team and staff. Please contact us to arrange your visit.

Why should I choose Benenden Health for my company’s health cash plan?

At Benenden Health, we've been caring for employees' health for over 110 years. We are a friendly mutual society, run by and set up for the benefit of our members. You can read more about our history and what we believe in.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please do contact us

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Get in touch

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