How to request our diagnostic and treatment services

As a valued member we want to make the process of requesting help as convenient as possible. All it takes is five simple steps:

Step 1: Check eligibility
To access our diagnostic and treatment services you must have been a member of Benenden for more than six months.

If you have not yet been a member for six months you should continue to seek diagnosis and treatment of any condition via your local NHS services.
Step 2: See your GP
As a Benenden member you must be on an NHS waiting list before being able to request diagnosis or treatment services through your membership.

You must visit your GP who will determine what type of consultant you need to see or what type of diagnostic test or treatment is required.

Your GP should then make an active referral under the NHS for the consultation or treatment you require. Remember also to ask your GP what the referral waiting time is, as this is necessary before you can request treatment via Benenden.
Step 3: Call Member Services
Next, contact our Member Services department on 0800 414 8100, to discuss your diagnostic or treatment requirements.

When you speak to one of our Advisers you will need to provide the following information:
  • Your Benenden membership number
  • Information about your condition including what type of consultation, treatment or test you need
  • The NHS wait time for any service you’re requesting and confirmation that you have been referred through the NHS. You will also be asked about the effect the wait is having on you

For diagnostic consultations, you may be asked to provide a copy of your GP referral.

For treatment of your condition you will need the CCSD code - which should be obtained from your consultant - in relation to your treatment. In some cases we will need a copy of the consultant’s report that details the treatment you need.

Step 4: Authorisation
If your wait on the NHS is more than three weeks for a diagnostic consultation OR five weeks to receive treatment, our Adviser can consider authorising your request where this medical activity is covered by Benenden. Our Advisers always consider the impact any condition is having on your life. A list of services we cannot provide can be found here.

Consideration is also given to the impact of your symptoms or condition on your quality of life.
Step 5: Appointment
Where our Adviser has been able to authorise the requested service, you will be provided with a letter of authorisation which will allow you to make the necessary arrangements for your appointment at the appropriate clinic or hospital.

For diagnostic consultation, you can access a large network of hospitals across the UK. For treatment, you will be required to visit one of the 22 approved hospitals with coverage across the whole of the UK - for a full list, visit

If you live within a two-hour car journey time of Benenden Hospital in Kent, your diagnosis and treatment will take place there. If you live more than two hours away from Benenden Hospital, we will normally ask you to go to the nearest approved hospital to your home.

You must get written authorisation from Benenden for all medical services before proceeding, including any further diagnostic and treatment activity.

Where we are unable to authorise the requested service we advise our members to pursue the diagnosis and treatment of any condition via their local NHS services.