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  • No need to be referred by a GP
  • Prescribed self-managed exercises and face to face treatment
  • Can be requested after 6 months


Once you’ve been a member for 6 months you can call us to arrange for a qualified physiotherapist from Rehabworks to call you at a mutually convenient time. They will assess your condition and determine if you will benefit from physiotherapy through either a course of self-managed at home exercises or from face to face treatment.


Evidence shows that many musculoskeletal disorders can be managed with expert advice combined with an individually tailored exercise program. If self-management is the best option for you, the physiotherapist will provide you with specific advice and exercises designed to assist your body’s natural healing processes for the fastest possible recovery. A qualified physiotherapist will be assigned as your Personal Case Manager who stays in regular contact to provide support and advice over the telephone.

Face to Face treatment

If the physiotherapist recommends face to face treatment we will arrange for you to attend one of over 700 Rehabworks accredited clinics. The number of face-to-face sessions available is as determined by the physiotherapist. We provide funding up to a maximum of 6 sessions. 

Keeping active

Information and exercises that can help your physical wellbeing and minimise the risk of injury can be found here. 

Already a member and need to request this service?

To request Financial Assistance you must:

  • Have been a Benenden member for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Call us on 0800 414 8100 for prior authorisation or +44 800 414 8100 from abroad

You will be asked to send us original receipts for any item purchased or we will send you a claim form which you must complete for any travel expenses.

We will reimburse you for items that assist you with specific issues related to your condition. For further advice on items we will pay for, you should contact our Member Services team.

We may review cases during the 12 month authorisation period by requesting that you provide us a medical report.