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Physiotherapy assessment & treatment services

You have the ability to request a physiotherapist to assess your condition over the phone to determine if you're likely to benefit from physiotherapy. 

If recommended, physiotherapy may be provided either via self-managed exercise or up to six sessions of face-to-face or remote physiotherapy treatment.


Request access to a physiotherapist

This service is available after six months of membership 

What's included

Face to Face & Remote Physiotherapy Treatment

Based upon guidance from our physiotherapy team, we may authorise up to six sessions of face to face or remote physiotherapy treatment. The number of sessions you receive will be based on clinical guidance from your physiotherapist and you may be advised to complete exercises at home to support this. Face to face physiotherapy will be provided through our national network of physiotherapy clinics.

What's excluded
  • We cannot provide physiotherapy for symptoms that we have authorised physiotherapy for in the previous two years
  • We’re unable to provide support if your physiotherapist determines your condition cannot be treated within in a six session model
  • If we’re unable to provide physiotherapy via our network, we may offer an alternative solution

Please ensure you've read and understand what is and isn't included 

You must have been a member for a minimum of six months before you call

To request a call with a physiotherapist please call us between 8am and 5pm (Monday - Friday) 

Call us on 0800 414 8100

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1 

Call us on 0800 414 8100 to request a call with a physiotherapist
8am and 5pm (Monday - Friday) 

Step 2

The physiotherapist will assess your condition to determine if you are likely to benefit from physiotherapy. 

Step 3 

At this stage you may be provided with guided self-management or of face-to-face physiotherapy 

Speak to a GP today on 0800 414 8247

Medically reviewed by Cheryl Lythgoe on 4th August 2020. Next review date: 4th August 2021.