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Check in on your mental health today

We're on a mission to get everyone checking in on how they're really feeling. 

This is healthcare done different. 

Mental health check in hub

At Benenden Health, we’re getting the nation checking in on their mental health. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed, experiencing anxious thoughts, low mood, or simply not feeling yourself, it's good to know what’s going on in your mind. 

We know that we all soldier on at times, but we also know that checking in on your mental health can make all the difference. That’s why we offer a 24/7 Mental Health Helpline for immediate support, plus Mental Health Support for short-term structured counselling after six months of membership. The Benenden Health App is also full of wellbeing resources to help support your mental health.  

Whether you prefer to talk to a trusted friend, a family member, or to a professional, we want you to ask yourself: Is it time for a check-in? This is healthcare done different.

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All about mental health

Mental health issues can affect anyone.

In this article we look at how your mental health may impact your physical health along with ways to improve your mental health and receive help. 

We also focus on the three most common issues stress, anxiety and depression

Healthcare done different 

We're here to make private healthcare accessible to all. There's no age limits and everyone is accepted (UK residents only, excludes Isle of Man and Channel Islands). We're not a health insurance provider. We complement the NHS by offering access to private healthcare when there's a wait above our current NHS wait time threshold. Only £12.80 per person per month.

How Benenden Health can help

As part of our services we can offer help with Mental health issues through our Mental Health Helpline and our Mental Health Support this is all part of our monthly membership fee of £12.80. 

This service is available straight away 

  • You can access our Mental Health Helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Our counsellors can provide immediate emotional support and signposting is provided for problems such as mild to moderate anxiety, depression, bereavement, relationships, legal and debt concerns.
  • Receive signposting or information relating to children/young persons if you're worried or anxious about them.

This service is available after 6 months

This service aims to provide short-term structured support for members facing life stressors such as bereavement, issues with work or relationship difficulties, and support for mild to moderate distress.

Before treatment is offered, an assessment is carried out over the phone to determine if the support we offer may be appropriate for you. If brief therapy is clinically appropriate, this can be either:

  • Structured Wellbeing Counselling
  • Supported Self Help

Did you know?

Statistics show that 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. With mixed anxiety and depression being the most common mental disorder in Britain.

Source - Mind

Mental Health Myths

 Top tips to keep your mental health in check 

Woman practising yoga while young child plays

If you're feeling anxious or stressed, there are things you can do. Take a look at our 10 ways to help your mental health.

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From exercising your body to engaging your mind.

Learn practices to help yourself become calmer and more resilient.

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Unfortunately, feelings of stress are often inevitable.

The good news is that there are ways you can reduce and manage your stress levels.

 Mental health check-ins

Man sat on a couch thinking

We’ve pulled together some helpful articles on how food affects your brain health, mental performance, and sleep.

Learn about simple lifestyle changes that can help you lower the risk of cognitive decline and keep your brain healthy.

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Mental health issues affect individuals of various ages differently.

View articles on children, young adults, as well as useful advice on how to address issues affecting individuals during midlife and later years.

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From stress and grief to diagnosable conditions like depression, it's crucial that employers know how to spot the signs.

Discover how you can help your team maintain and improve their mental wellbeing at work.

Your mental health matters

View our range of articles to help boost and review your mental wellbeing.

Check in on your mental health

 Common mental health conditions 

Woman looking into the distance

Everyone feels anxious at times. However, if these feelings start to become overwhelming, it could be a problem which you may need to address.

Woman resting against a wall

Depression can affect anyone. It’s important to understand what to be aware of and how you could help someone suffering from the symptoms.

Colleagues standing and chatting

In the last five years, over half of employees interviewed said that their jobs have become more stressful.

Limits and exclusions apply. Fee is reviewed periodically. UK residents only (excludes Isle of Man and Channel Islands).