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Woman swimming

Check in on your physical health today

It’s easy to put off those little things that could actually make a big difference to our wellbeing.

That’s why we're getting the nation to check in on their health.

Physical health check-in

Perhaps you’ve been avoiding getting back into exercise or improving your diet. Maybe you’ve been delaying speaking to a medical professional about that thing that’s been bothering you lately. Whatever it is, we can help you take control of your health.

With Benenden Health you can check in on your physical health any time, from anywhere. Our 24/7 GP Helpline allows you to book a GP consultation wherever you are. Then, after six months, you'll also be able to  request access to Physiotherapy, Medical Diagnostics and Medical Treatment.

As a member, you can access our Benenden Health App, packed with exercise classes, nutritional recipes, and wellbeing resources that make boosting your health more manageable.

Woman looking out of the window holding a mug

It's easy to ignore those aches, pains and niggles we might suffer from. Read about the 10 important signs and symptoms that you should see a doctor about.

Man having his blood pressure taken

Knowing your numbers goes a long way to helping you make sure you maintain a healthy heart. Find out what your blood pressure reading means today.

Colleagues chatting in a meeting

We’ve pulled together some ideas businesses and employers can use to build a supportive work environment and encourage employees to talk.

Healthcare done different

We're not health insurance. We complement the NHS by offering access to private healthcare when there’s a wait. Our healthcare has been designed to offer you simple, smart and more affordable healthcare.

  • Everyone is accepted (all UK residents).
  • No age limits.
  • Not-for-profit mutual organisation.

Private healthcare only £12.80 per person, per month.

 Nutrition advice to support your physical health 

Bowl of yoghurt and fruit

With so much information online about healthy eating, it can be tricky to be sure about what health foods are best for a healthy gut.

Child asleep on a mans chest

If you've tried every sleep remedy under the sun and still can’t seem to doze off, it may be because you’re eating the wrong foods before bed.

Man and woman in a kitchen cooking

Breakfast is usually considered the most important meal of the day. Set yourself up for the day with these quick, easy and nutritious breakfasts.

Did you know?

Our study showed that 27% of Brits have admitted that being ‘too British’ and not wanting to cause a fuss were the main reasons why they have ignored a health symptom. 

Source - Benenden Health 

Keep fit to support your wellbeing 

Women and man exercising

Whilst expensive gym memberships or exercise classes may be putting you off getting fit, here are eight ways to do it for next to nothing.

Work colleagues talking around a computer

Walking comes with a host of great benefits, and you can often stumble upon walks and days out just minutes from your doorstep!

Man gardening

Small changes can have a big impact on your health. Just a few bursts of activity each day can make a difference to your total calorie burn.

Limits and exclusions apply. Fee is reviewed periodically. UK residents only (excludes Isle of Man and Channel Islands).