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employees health and wellbeing

Are you doing enough to support the health and wellbeing of your employees?

Planning, launching and evolving a health and wellbeing strategy is the best investment you will make in your team and your business.

The good news is that you have the answers within the walls of your organisation: it takes an initial time investment by listening to your people, their experiences and their needs. Our free Health and Wellbeing Strategy Guide can guide you through this. Learn about the five key stages to creating your own personal health and wellbeing strategy at your company and start putting your employees first.

Why do I need a health and wellbeing strategy?

  • Planning now will save you valuable time and money further down the line

  • Helps you to have conversations with your budget holders about securing financial support

  • Improves attendance, productivity and retention

  • Results in a healthier, happy workforce

Business owners working on a health and wellbeing strategy
How a health and wellbeing strategy can benefit your company
Creating a personalised health and wellbeing strategy helps to build trust, reduce absenteeism, and encourages retention and recruitment, learn about the benefits to your business.

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How to develop an effective health and wellbeing strategy
Discover the five stages to developing a health and wellbeing strategy such as listening to your employees, and identifying gaps in current initiatives.

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How to choose the right initiatives for your health and wellbeing strategy
It's not always easy to choose the right initiatives for your business, so we've provided you with some tips on how to get started, including how to start a list suited to your business.

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How to develop an effective health and wellbeing strategy
Our health and wellbeing guide
Are you struggling to find an inclusive health and wellbeing solution your whole business can enjoy? Understand how to plan, develop, launch, review and manage an effective plan.

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To discover how Benenden could support your business with our health and wellbeing services please call 0808 163 4886 or visit our Business Healthcare page.


Our business healthcare

Benenden Healthcare for Business provides an affordable, high quality, private healthcare solution to support all your employees. With easy setup and no exclusions on pre-existing medical conditions, we want to help make healthcare a standard of employment for everyone, rather than just a perk for the few. See how we can help you develop a healthcare solution that works for your whole business.