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How to encourage your clients to flip the employee benefits pyramid

Employee benefits have traditionally been distributed from the top down, with senior management receiving priority for healthcare benefits and packages. Unfortunately, this has resulted in alienating lower-earning employees, but it’s been justified on the basis of affordability.

As you may already be aware, there’s been more discussion recently about ‘flipping’ the employee benefits pyramid and providing equitable support to all employees, regardless of their salary or job level.

Here’s why and how your clients should consider ‘flipping’ the employee benefits pyramid if they haven’t already.

The impact of ‘flipping the pyramid’

Research shows that 39% of employees who are in the bottom band of household income receive no benefits from their employer at all.

In the conventional top-down methodology, often those requiring the most care are overlooked, resulting in a demotivated and disengaged workforce, elevated turnover rates, heightened absenteeism, and occasionally causing harm to an employer's reputation.

But most importantly, employees aren’t getting the basic healthcare they need – especially when the cost of living rises, with more than half of Brits (55%) feeling that their health has been negatively affected. So, your clients have a real opportunity to make a difference in their employees’ lives and position themselves as an employer of choice.

Plus, providing comprehensive employee benefits for all levels of employees could have a positive impact on the business too. Almost three-quarters of employees say they would work harder for an employer who shows they care about wellbeing, while over a third of employees say if they were thinking of leaving their job, an employer demonstrating care for their wellbeing would make them stay.

And most importantly, it could nurture a positive and healthier work environment for everyone.

Ensuring accessibility when you flip the pyramid

Implementing an accessible and convenient way for employees to access their benefits is key – and digital healthcare is quickly becoming a popular way to do this.

In a recent study by Mercer Marsh, 43% of employers said they find a digital healthcare future for employee benefits appealing, with almost half intending to make their benefits offering more digital.

Digital healthcare solutions can offer minimal wait times for medical appointments and enable employees to access the care they need at a time that suits them – especially in busy working lives and schedules. These services include 24/7 GP helpline, online treatment, virtual therapy, wellness portals and digital claim requests, that can offer flexibility for your clients’ workforce.

Offering inclusive healthcare

Without listening to their employees, it’s impossible for businesses to provide them with wellbeing support that’s relevant and meaningful to their needs.

For instance, research shows that women place significant importance on receiving support during menopause and for managing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), while a third of Gen Z workers say mental health and wellbeing support is one of the employee benefits most likely to attract them to an employer and encourage them to stay.

Those below the median income, value free or subsidised food, transportation or housing, and training programmes aimed at enhancing their ability to identify and address both their own and others' mental health concerns. And as LGBTQ+ employees often face discrimination and lack of understanding of their needs, they appreciate applications that enable them to independently manage their health concerns.

The long-term role of employee benefit consultants

Good employee benefit (EB) consultants want to build long-lasting relationships and gain their clients’ trust. So, actively supporting them in rolling out the benefits and correctly engaging their employees is vital – especially when businesses review their benefits each year. Your expertise on the changing workforce and market trends will be key to adapting their employee benefits as the needs of their workforce evolve.


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