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Three employees in protective eyewear, looking at a laptop within a warehouse type setting

Your free health and wellbeing strategy template download

Planning, launching and evolving a health and wellbeing strategy doesn’t need to be daunting or expensive.

More and more businesses are exploring the need for robust health and wellbeing measures. Sometimes, the desire to launch the right initiatives doesn’t match up with the hesitancy to do so. Perhaps it’s a lack of knowledge about what direction to go in; perhaps it’s a lack of budget… and perhaps it’s both.

The good news is that you have the answers within the walls of your organisation: it takes an initial time investment to unlock those answers by listening to your people, their experiences and their needs. Our free health and wellbeing strategy template can guide you through this and it will take you all the way through to launching the first initiatives off the back of your health and wellbeing strategy.

Why do I need a health and wellbeing strategy?

  • Planning now will save you valuable time and money further down the line, because your choice of benefits and initiatives will be rooted in insight

  • The strategy will help you measure the success of what you launch

  • The strategy will facilitate conversations with your budget holders about securing or unlocking some financial support to take things further

  • Allows structure and focus in your approach

  • Improves attendance, productivity and retention

  • Results in a healthier, happy workforce

How will this template help me?

  • A five-stage guide for planning and implementing a health and wellbeing strategy: planning, securing support from your management team, strategising, launching and evolving

  • A series of checklists to get you there

  • A digitally editable and printable resource: choose whichever works for you

How do I access the health and wellbeing strategy template?

Simply visit this page to download it now.

Can I speak to someone at Benenden Health about my health and wellbeing strategy?

Of course: feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly team on 0808 163 4886 or by visiting our Business Healthcare page.