What could you gain by giving up….. Chocolate?

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Monday 3rd March

Throughout March we’ll be looking at what you can gain byChocolate giving up! By giving up just one thing you could improve your health and feel better about yourself. We’ll be giving you key facts and useful tips to help you work out what you stand to gain by giving up…

Today we are focusing on chocolate… The creamy sweetness of chocolate is an indulgence many of us enjoy. But if you were to give up your chocolate hit, how could it help your body?

The sugar and fat in chocolate is what keeps us coming back for more - and what causes problems. A 45g bar of chocolate can contain 204 calories, 25.5g of sugar and 8.3g of fat. For a woman, that’s 10% of the daily calorie allowance, 51% daily sugar and 41.5% daily saturated fat allowance. A bar contains around 9mg caffeine, which may make it harder for you to sleep.

If you gave up three chocolate bars a week, you could cut 2,448 calories a month, 306g of sugar and 99.6g of saturated fat.

For many it can be a vicious cycle ! Comfort eating chocolate can lead to over indulgence - which in turn can lead to negative health impacts. This can then get you down, which leads to seeking comfort, which leads to chocolate…

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Key Facts:

Per 100g, chocolate contains 530kcal, 18.4g saturated fat, 56.7g sugar.
For a man, that’s 21.2% daily calories, 61% saturated fat, 81% sugar.
For a woman, that’s 26.5% daily calories, 92% saturated fat, 113.4% daily sugar

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