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Benenden Health donates to Ukraine humanitarian appeal

17th March 2022 by Neil Barnes

Benenden Health has donated £250,000 to the British Red Cross, to support the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Bob Andrews, explains how the donation will support those affected by the conflict in Ukraine:

“The humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine is causing widespread concern across the globe, inevitably leading us, as many other organisations have done, to consider what we could do to help.

“As a result, our Board of Directors have agreed to make a donation of £250,000 to the British Red Cross, to support their work as members of the Disasters Emergency Committee.

“Benenden Health has a background in the improvement of health and the prevention of disease, and we know that mass displacement of those affected by the conflict in Ukraine will place immense pressure on local healthcare systems.

“As we don’t have the infrastructure to support directly, the British Red Cross are best placed to use our donation to and help reach people in urgent need. For example, in providing basic first aid, hygiene parcels and medicines or supporting hospitals and healthcare facilities.

“The Disasters Emergency Committee comprises 15 member charities, including the British Red Cross, coming together to launch appeals at times of huge suffering. They are experts in the delivery of humanitarian aid. All of us at Benenden Health are greatly assured that this donation will help provide relief for families and communities affected by the conflict.”

If you would like to donate to the appeal

The British Red Cross continue to appeal for financial support so they can help as many as they can. If you wish to make your own donation, you can do so directly through DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal | British Red Cross.

It’s okay to feel worried about the crisis in Ukraine

Reading the news and hearing about the crisis in Ukraine can impact people here in the UK in different ways. If you are a member of Benenden Health, please remember that our 24/7 Mental Health Helpline provides access to a counsellor via a phone call who can provide immediate emotional support.