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Friendly female Doctor, welcoming patients

Women's Health Hub

Taking care of our bodies should be top of every woman’s priority list, but, as we all know, family, career and a million other concerns often occupy our attention.

With the help of our Women's Health Hub, you can discover more about how our bodies change as we age, where to seek help and how to stay healthy.

Friendly female doctor welcomes in patients
4 reasons to see your GP about your periods
If you're concerned about these 4 symptoms, it could be time to see your GP...

Four reasons to see your GP >

Young woman in school struggling with period poverty
Period poverty in the UK
Period poverty affects one in 10 young women, often leaving girls feeling they have no option but to miss school every month. The Red Box Project offers hope.

Period poverty in the UK >

She can't take part at the gym due to endometriosis
Understanding endometriosis
Endometriosis is a little-known condition – but the reality is that it affects one woman in every ten. Learn more about it, including the symptoms to look out for.

Understanding endometriosis >

New mother struggling with postnatal depression
The lowdown on postnatal depression
Up to one in five women experience mental health problems in pregnancy or the first year after childbirth.

What is postnatal depression? >

Woman inviting you in to talk about ovarian cancer
Ovarian cancer: the facts
As the fifth most common cancer among women, ovarian cancer affects over 6,000 women in the UK each year...

Ovarian cancer >

Middle aged business woman struggling with hot flush
How to manage the menopause
Discover our 5 tips to help tackle the symptoms...

Manage the menopause >

Woman having a breast exam
6 things that happen to your breasts as you age
You can also expect your breasts to change as you get older. Here’s what’s likely to happen...

6 ways breasts change with age >

Woman noticing her hair loss
Women and hair loss – the facts
Despite this being a common experience, hair loss can be very distressing for women as they feel there’s a stigma about going bald...

Women and hair loss >


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