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Roasted veggie and lentil jumble dish

Roasted Veggie And Lentil Jumble Recipe

Enjoy this delicious, veggie recipe

The nature of a jumble is to mix all the ingredients for a beautiful blend of flavours. This roasted veg and lentil dish is a Middle-Eastern inspired made with sweet and fragrant spices with a slight kick of heat. Sweet potato, aubergine and tomatoes are a great match for the earthy and nutty flavour of lentils. Finish off with a sprinkling of feta mixed with lemon and toasted almonds.

Nutrition per serving for uncooked ingredients 671g

  • Energy (kJ/kcal) 1935/463

  • Fat (g) 18

  • Sat. Fat (g) 9

  • Carbohydrate (g) 53

  • Sugars (g) 21

  • Protein (g) 20

  • Salt (g) 2.00

Good to know

Time: 45 minutes

Calories: Under 600 calories

Fruit and Veg: 4.5 of your 5 a day

Veggie dish

Shopping list for 2 people

1 aubergine

1 sweet potato

2 garlic cloves

Pinch of chilli flakes

½ lemon

200g cooked lentils

2tsp ground cumin

1 red onion

125g baby plum tomatoes

2 tsp ras-el-hanout

100g feta cheese

Bunch of coriander

3 tbsp flaked almonds

1tsp vegetable stock powder


Wash fruit, vegetables and herbs

Cooking tools you will need: Fine grater (or garlic press), coarse grater, large frying pan and mixing bowl

How to cook this vegetarian recipe

1. Get chopping

Preheat the oven to 200°C. Trim the aubergine, then halve lengthways. Chop each half into four long strips then chop into roughly 3cm pieces. Halve and peel the onion. Cut one half into 3 wedges, thinly slice the other half. Chop the sweet potatoes into 2cm chunks (no need to peel!). Halve the tomatoes. Peel and grate the garlic (or use a garlic press).

2. Get roasting

Pop the sweet potato, aubergine and onion wedges onto a large baking tray. Drizzle with olive oil then sprinkle over the ras-al-hanout and chilli flakes. Season with salt and pepper and toss to coat. Roast on the top shelf of your oven until tender, 25–30 mins. Halfway through cooking, turn the veg, then add the tomatoes to roast for the remaining 10–15 mins.

3. Toast the nuts

Meanwhile, crumble the feta into small pieces. Zest the lemon, cut into wedges. Finely chop the coriander (stalks and all), drain and rinse the lentils in a sieve. Heat a large frying pan over medium heat (no oil!). Once hot, add the flaked almonds and toast until lightly brown, 2–3 mins, stirring regularly (don’t take your eye off them!). Remove the almonds to a bowl and set aside (we’ll use the pan again in a second).

4. Make the drizzle

Squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl and add a glug of olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. Add the coriander and mix well.

5. Lentil time

Heat a drizzle of oil in the pan on medium heat, add the sliced onion and cook for 5–6 mins. Add the garlic and cumin and stir for 1 min. Pour in 75ml water and stir in the veg stock. Bring to the boil, simmer until water has reduced by half. Stir in the lentils and cook for 2–3 mins, then remove from the heat.

6. Dish Up

Once the veg has finished cooking, remove from the oven and tip the lentils into the tray. Add the lemon zest to the tray and mix everything together. Serve into large bowls, with the feta and toasted almonds sprinkled on top. Spoon over the herby drizzle and add another pinch of chilli if you want to! Serve with any remaining lemon wedges on the side. Enjoy!


Recipe courtesy of Hello Fresh. See


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