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Medical Treatment

Medical Treatment

Medical Treatment

After six months of membership, you can request private Medical Treatment from our approved procedures in our treatment network.

Request access to Treatment Our approved list of procedures

This service is available after six months of membership.

Please ensure you've read and understood what is and isn't included.

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We have a network of facilities providing members with access to medical treatment. This network includes our own Benenden Hospital located in Kent.

Members living within our calculation of a two-hour drive time of Benenden Hospital will be required to attend Benenden Hospital for their treatment services, subject to availability of the required speciality.

To request medical treatment you must have been a member for a minimum of six months.

  • You must have a CCSD code for the procedure required (Clinical Coding and Schedule Development Group).

  • You must also have details of the NHS wait time for your appointment and a report from your consultant.

If your NHS wait time is longer than our current threshold you can call us on 0800 414 8100 between 8am and 5pm (Monday-Friday), for authorisation. Our advisers will be able to let you know what services may be agreed. 

Please view our current NHS wait time threshold.

If we can help with treatment you'll need to provide a copy of the consultant report confirming the CCSD code for the procedure required and details of the NHS wait time for your appointment. 

Once we’ve received a copy of your consultant's report and we have authorised the services, we’ll provide you with authorisation to make your appointments at the appropriate clinic or hospital which we propose.

Please note: Services continue to be available across the UK but there may be localised restrictions in place. Your healthcare provider will keep you informed. This may result in delays when accessing appointments. 

Medically reviewed by Llinos Connolly May 2023. Next review date: May 2024.