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Men's Health Hub

Mental and physical health are very much connected - when we're worried about life's various stresses, or experiencing a symptom we can't quite understand, this can impact both us and those around us. We know it's not always easy to reach out - or know who to turn to for advice, and so we're here to help. 

Our Men's Health Hub is here to offer you a range of support on mental and physical health topics, and useful resources to help keep you well. 

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3 key health issues         7 healthy diet tips        Stress      Sexual Health        Suicide - how to get help        Look after your joints     

A middle-aged man smiling with a woman
3 key men's health issues
It's important to be proactive - learn the signs, symptoms and prevention of testicular and prostate cancer, heart disease and mental illness.

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A middle aged man on a beach front pier, looking at his mobile phone
7 healthy diet tips
You may have heard the phrase “you are what you eat”. But what does it mean? Perhaps more importantly, what should you eat to feel and become healthier?

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A young man pouring coffee in his kitchen
How to manage stress
Work, money, relationships and health concerns can all contribute to stress. Explore the causes of stress, how to spot the signs, and ways to cope.

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A young man sitting on a park bench with his headphones on
Sexual health advice
STI's and STD's are very common and can affect any of us, and they're treatable when caught early. Discover the signs, symptoms and where to seek help if you're concerned.

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Let's talk about suicide
Around three quarters of suicide rates in recent years were for men. We take a look at the facts, what to do if you have suicidal thoughts, and how to help others at risk.

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An older male sitting with a young child, smiling at a laptop
How to look after your joints
Whether you're getting out on the bike, or walking to the shop - our joints are involved in all types of movement. Learn the signs of suffering joints.

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You'll also have access to a wealth of health and wellbeing articles, exclusive member rewards and discounts, our app, helpful videos and advice on a range of health issues.