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Benenden Healths Annual Conference takes place in Kensington

25th June 2014

This week (Thursday 26th June) will see benenden health setting up its Annual Conference & AGM in Kensington for delegates to debate issues relating to the management of the organisation.

As a democratic mutual organisation, decisions affecting the future direction of benenden health are debated and voted upon by member-elected branch delegates at its Conference each year.

This year’s Conference will be attended by over 260 delegates elected by the benenden health member community through its UK-wide network of 47 branches. The Conference is being held at the Kensington Conference and Events Centre and delegates will debate propositions raised by both branches and the Committee of Management (COM), which is the Board of the organisation.

Renė Fraioli, Society Secretary at benenden health said: “As a mutual, it is important for us to ensure that our members are at the heart of all decisions we take on how our community operates. Conference provides the opportunity for members to have their say about the future of benenden health and to interact with the Committee of Management and the executive team.

“I am very much looking forward to welcoming our members to Conference this week whilst hearing their thoughts and opinions as to how we can move the organisation forward.”

An electronic voting procedure takes place throughout the Conference to allow branch delegates to vote on propositions and in elections for committee positions.

Benenden health last held its Conference in Kensington in 2010.